Friday, February 12, 2010

So I bowed to popular demand* and made a blog. I can't promise to write regularly, or on any coherant subject, but, well, until I have fully recovered from the Unfortunate Circus Flip Incident of 09** I will most likely not be doing much other than writing. Aren't you a lucky internet.

I feel I should take this first entry, before I directly start cutting and pasting from a variety of word documents on my laptop, to explain a few things. I am choosing to go by the name 'Smackie Onassis' for the time being, because, well, I think that's a pretty sweet thing to call myself. For the sake of both privacy and hilarity, I will refer to the other people in my stories by codenames. The names of the guys I live with aren't actually Vegatrain, Meattrain, and Richard Melons, but that is what I will be calling them. 

Anyway, on to the cutting and pasting.

*My housemates will punch me if I tell any more of my idiot stories, so I need a new outlet.
**Ok, here's the deal. I thought I could do a backflip, but it turned out to be a very bad idea. I find if I preface this story with the words "Circus Flip Incident" people are more likely to go away thinking "Ha, that's kinda funny", as opposed to "Wow, that girl must be really stupid".

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