Friday, February 12, 2010

List Of Potential Bandnames (Try not to steal them ok)

Holly Caustic and the Death Brigade

Fucking Joe and the Palate Cleansing Cats

Today’s Urban Youth

Joe and the Fucking Joes

Smackie O and the Suicide Kings

To My Old Friend, The Past (album title)

Team Captains

Avec le Coq

Soupy Danger

Hot Red Soup

Fuck & The Butt

Joe & The Butt

Big Nice Toasty Crusties

The Screaming Moist

The Kitten Wonderband

Dandy Lion and the Herbivores

The Follow-Through

Captain Handsome and the Teenage Heartthrobs

The Wholesome Family Band

The Dregs

Little Tiny Friendly Johnsons

Strawberry Tsunami

O I Say, You Joe

The Gradual Height Thieves

The Dirty Mints

Debonair Neck Zombies

Tipsy, Larry and the Wheelbarrow

R.H. Sweetapple

The Golden Fools

The Infamous Treble-Butt

Nobody Likes Jon

Mr Dr Professor

The Senators Mousington

The Chiquita Banana Conspiracy

Citroen Ella

Back Seat Bandits

Randy Bourbon and the Day of Regret

The Bad Ideas

Atomic Tomato

Mayhem Moth

Penguin Forest

Born Again Perverts

An Unnecessary Tautology - (album name)

I Sure Xylophone, Do I Xylophone (album)

The Sexy Fenders

The Taco Lettuce Crunch

The Down-Under Wonderdog

Let Them Eat Cats

Per Second Per Second

This list is being constantly updated by Vegatrain and myself.

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  1. Chip Leader and the Seven Card Straights.