Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Dude Ranch, and it's Glorious Art Installations

As I have previously mentioned, the Dude Ranch is not what you'd call a "normal" household. There is random junk all over the place - for a while if you were to ask where the coffee was, you would have received the honest answer of "In the kitchen, in a top hat". More recently I was struggling to find a pillow, which I eventually found in the bath.

There was also a time when Vegatrain and I were battling modern art installations. He started by affixing about 4 cans of air freshener to the bathroom wall. I responded with this piece of soapy genius:

I call it "Dishes". Basically I realised that of the dirty dishes, there seemed to be two of just about everything. And we had two drying racks. So, yes. I washed them and then arranged them as they were intended to be arranged. I am sure I was channeling a higher dishwashing power with that one.

The success of this installation was clear in that no-one touched it for several days, despite the fact that there are four of us, all of whom eat food on plates. I suppose we decided we could sacrifice that in the name of art.

-Smackie Onassis

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