Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Music Thangs

I am awake early again, waiting for my ipod to charge so i can go for a walk. I ended up falling asleep at my laptop last night, only to be woken up by Vegatrain handing me a soy hot dog because he is concerned I am not eating enough and am turning into skin and bones. Like a vegetarian Jewish mother. The whole scene was pretty darn adorable.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys about the musics I have been doing lately. To get myself back into it, I have started with covers of songs I like. Among my favourites are Liz Phair's classic 'H.W.C.', the title track from God Help The Girl, my own acoustic Nina Gordon style cover of 'Straight Outta Compton', well, the list goes on. I even covered a Tom Waits song, which seems kinda bizarre if you know what my singing voice sounds like*. I guess I have been having a bit too much fun. Vegatrain suggested that if I ever record an album it will be called 'Smackie Onassis covers obscure songs and then does some stupid originals'**, which I think would probably be a fairly apt name. 

Yeah, I have written some originals. I am going to try and put them on here, but that involves recording them first and because I have no possessions (just about), I will have to wait until such a time as;

a) I will not be disturbing anyone with my nonsense
b) Vegatrain is not using his computer, which has recording capabilities

But hopefully, soon. If you are interested in the songs I have written here are some descriptions in, oh you guessed it! Bullet points. I hope the guy who invented bullet points is wearing his punctuation medal*** with pride because he totally deserves it.
  • Ono! A song based on a drinking game that Vegatrain, Buglustre and I invented. The name came first (inspired by Uno) and we then decided that it would be a game where we write down one unfortunate occurrence on each card. Every round we all pick a card and the person with the worst thing (as agreed on by general consensus) has to drink. We have played it a few times and it is always just the funniest thing in the world, probably because we are so good at coming up with ridiculous scenarios. I have way too much fun singing this song.
  • Psychology Cat the Song by Psychology Cat (the band) I had always planned to write the theme to my sitcom idea about a cat who teaches psychology in an underfunded public high school. Now I have. I am pretty proud of it because it is very Eleanor Friedberger, and she is a total idol of mine.
  • Nigel My primary school geek ballad to the infamous Nigel No-Friends. There was one of these guys in every school I am pretty sure.
I have a couple of parodies too. I have found now that by some strange circumstance (I'm thinking I had a stroke and didn't realise it) I have found myself basically thinking in song parodies. For real, you guys. I was in the chocolate section of Big W the other day browsing my confectionary options and found myself thinking 'Hey! Kinder Bueno. Hey, Kinder Bueno. Bueno, where you going? Hey Kinder Bueno...' to the tune of Guero by Beck. I felt instantly ashamed. However, I have actually written a few full length parodies, the most notorious being my version of Lady Gaga's Pokerface with lyrics about Pokemon. Harrison very much wants me to put that on the internet but I am a bit shy about it. There is also the fact that I have never actually listened to the original song, and instead based it off an ironic cover. Yes, I am THAT indie.

-Smackie Onassis

*Hint: I am the exact opposite of Tom Waits.
** Vegatrain has actually said that his favourite of the songs I am playing is my version of Hiccups by Darren Hanlon which made me blush and smile coyly because I don't know if you've picked this up guys, but I am pretty into Darren Hanlon.
***I imagine a punctuation medal to be shaped like an exclamation mark.

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