Friday, March 5, 2010

'Iron Chef: Olives' Would Be My Dream Come True

Everybody has their favourite ingredients, I guess. Things they will add to just about everything. For me, that would be olives. If I saw you making a tasty snack I might say 'Hey! If you like it then you better put an olive on it!'*

Most people have a line that they draw. You don't see many people adding banana to their cheese and ham casserole. I, however, do not have one of these lines. 

I buy some olives. I put them on pasta, that's fine. Nothing wrong with that. Throw them in a cous-cous, you can see what I'm going for. But then I'll put them on a hotdog and you won't be quite as okay with it. Then I get out the vegemite and you will tell me to stop kidding around, that no way am I about to put olives on a perfectly good vegemite sandwich.

But I do. And it's amazing. But you have to have cheese on it as well, otherwise it would just be weird.

Because this entry is pretty short, here are a few more ideas for band names:
  • Infrared Laurent
  • Him The Friend
  • Disco Parasol
  • The Feudal Ladies
  • Bionic Adversary
  • Joey 'Fingers' Dirtyman
  • The Fistiest Cuffs
  • Hey There Jimbo What's Cooking
  • Science/Karate
And a few ideas from the "Bad Names For Bands" list:
  • The Viney Gineys
  • The Herps
  • The Power of Erections
  • The HMS HairArtistry
I actually suggested that last one for an actual band name, and was promptly forced to put it on this list.

-Smackie Onassis

*Also in this scenario I am Beyoncé. It's called suspension of disbelief, people.

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