Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hey It's The Future by your friend Vegatrain

Hey everyone!

Have you noticed lately that it's the future? I have. I know it must be the future because when we were in the present, we didn't have robots and shit. And now we TOTALLY DO.

(from "Japan apparently didn't get the memo that the whole Space Race is so last century, so it's going ahead with a project that will confirm just about every hard sci-fi stereotype about Japanese innovation: they're going to put massive, intelligent humanoid robots on the moon. The Japanese space agency JAXA is moving forward with the $2.2 billon project that aims to get the robots to the lunar surface by 2015, and have them build their own unmanned moon base by 2020. Weighing in at 660 pounds, the proposed space bots will be equipped with HD cameras, solar panels and tank treads. They'll have seismographs and some other scientificky instument-y things, too -- but we don't want to lose focus on the fact that there will be giant robots on the effing moon. And even though the robots' masters will have a remote link on Earth's surface, the bots will be able to make decisions for themselves and operate with "a high degree of autonomy," according to Popular Science." 
Pretty cool, right. But I hear what you're saying, sure, robots on the moon, why should I care? I liv in Earth, man, y u gone talkin' bout the moon? If you are saying that your grammar is atrocious. But alright, I'll show you an even cooler Earth Robot:

What's this you ask? Oh it's just a friggin NURSE BOT. Here is the lowdown from engadget:

"NEDO, an administrative institute in Japan, has been working on what it calls the "Project for Strategic Development of Advanced Robotics Elemental Technologies" since 2006. The project has now entered its second phase, and boasts some pretty impressive looking bots. Murata Machinery's robotic delivery system (pictured above) which is designed to help in places like hospitals, delivering medications late at night so that nurses and aids don't have to spend a lot of time on such tasks. The company plans to test it and monitor the bot in use at hospitals in order to verify its effectiveness."

So! It's totes the future, case closed.