Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music Talk

Listening to obscure bands is great. It may be harder to get your hands on their stuff, but it is usually much more rewarding. There is also the advantage of being able to go to gigs where people are actually there to enjoy excellent music, instead of just get drunk, push people around and ruin everyone else's night.

However, sometimes when I talk about a band I listen to, it gets mistaken for a different band with a similar name. Sometimes even iTunes gets confused and recommends me hardcore bands based on a case of mistaken identity. I have taken this opportunity to compile a list of bands I listen to, and the similarly named bands people think I listen to.

Band I Like: This Is Ivy League, an acoustic folk band known for their sweet lyrics and beautiful harmonies.
Band People Think I Like: Ivy League, who are apparently some kind of punk band?

Band I Like: Those Transatlantics, an obscure indie pop band whose music I always have trouble finding.
Band People Think I Like: The Transatlantics. I am not sure who they are, but I keep seeing their name in local gig guides, getting excited and then disappointed when I realise what has happened.

Band I Like: Band of Horses, a fairly popular indie rock group.
Band People Think I Like: Horse The Band, a metal group.

Band I Like: The Clientele, a lovely indie/chamber pop group from Britain.
Band People Think I Like: Client, an electronica band also from Britain.

Band I Like: Deerhoof, an unpredictable and wonderfully bizarre band from San Francisco
Band People Think I Like: Deerhunter, a not-that-bad "ambient punk" group that I just can't manage to get into.

Band I Like: Elixir, jazz side-project of Katie Noonan.
Band People Think I Like: Elixir, a British heavy metal band. Also, Elixir, a trance project of some description.

Band I Like: The Minor Leagues, a seemingly little known, but wonderfully clever American pop band. Check out their upbeat, light-hearted ditty "The Pestilence Is Coming".
Band People Think I Like: The Major Leagues, some kind of Pennsylvanian rock band?

Band I Like: The 1900s, a wonderful "psych-pop sextet"
Band People Think I Like: The 1990s, a Scottish rock band, who are not that bad, but are no the 1900s. I only know them because I keep mistakenly downloading their albums while looking for the 1900s.

-Smackie Onassis

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  1. horse the band are NINTENDOCORE, thankyou very much! and they are pretty great