Monday, February 22, 2010

"Comedy Stylings"

Since I have started anal retentively writing down every single thought I have (ie for the duration of time that I have been unemployed), I have jotted down a few ideas for sitcoms. Now, I don't ever intend to make use of them. I am well aware that my type of "humour" has fairly limited appeal to a wide audience, the kind of audience who watch and/or review network tv. I remember the reaction I got for my year 12 group drama performance. It was a harrowing tale of mob life in London. I played a nervous gang member, looking for the mole. I was on a train platform, when I saw the guy who I assumed was the mole. He was actually a mole, the animal, just going about his day to day life, making the commute to his office job in the city. I don't remember a lot of the rest, it was a long time ago, but I remember the boss of the mafia turned out to be Tony Danza. It seemed like the most obvious of ideas. I believe when we were brainstorming, we were talking about our fictional mafia and someone raised the question, "Who's the boss?" Tony Danza, obviously. Yes, even when I was a teenager my pop culture references were outdated.

Anyway, it made no sense. It was utter gibberish. A better display of my acting occurred during the "interview" component, where we had to give a meaningful explanation of our dramatic techniques. As the four-unit English student of the group, most of the talking was palmed off onto me. What followed was this fifteen minute long verbal wank that I enjoyed so, so much. I talked about the principles of existentialism and Theatre of the Absurd. I referenced Beckett. I was amazing.

We actually got pretty good marks for it, and it had something of a cult following within our drama class, but when we performed it for the year 9s, blank stares. Crickets chirping. Awkwardness.

And yet, I don't learn my lesson. Here are a few sitcom ideas I have been throwing around:

Psychology Cat
Psychology Cat tells the story of a cat who is working as a respected practicing psychologist, until he hits someone with his car. As punishment, he has to work in an underfunded public highschool, teaching psychology and learning a lot about the world around him. Also he is a cat.

The Disciplez
Everybody knows the later work of Jesus Christ, but few people are familiar with his "emotional teen" phase. Rebelling against his authoritarian father, Jesus gets some friends together and forms a band, 'The Disciplez'.

Pantsfalldown Man
Follows the exploits of a bumbling superhero whose pants fall down at inopportune moments. Watch as he finds himself pantsless at an emergency scene, at the altar, while shaking hands at a job interview. Very youtube friendly.
The laptop of an unsuspecting female is possessed by the ghost of a sassy teen. Watch her frustration as she goes to type the URL for facebook, and constantly finds herself at ''. Based on a true story.

All this and more on the new fall line-up on the 'Don't Even Bother' network

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